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Veterans Policy

February 24, 2014

     We in the Tae Kwon-Do Karate Club celebrate and practice the ancient martial arts which provide us with many personal benefits: enhanced physical fitness, a sense of self-worth, pleasure, self-improvement, satisfaction. Those who serve—and have served—in our armed forces, practicing the “modern” martial arts, get these same personal benefits while giving so much more to their countrymen: Safety, security, stability, and—sometimes—their lives. We appreciate and applaud the sacrifice, courage, and efforts of the men and women whose job it is to protect and defend us. We recognize that their patriotism and sense of duty often asks them to put themselves in harm’s way and that their doing so puts a tremendous burden on their families at home. We thank all who serve—in whatever capacity—for all they do for us and for all it means to us.

     Each year in November, we will honor all who serve and have served on Veterans day. We will give all Veterans active within the Tae Kwon Do Karate Club one free month dues in November. Black belt Veterans participating within the annual system currently receive this discount.

     The Tae Kwon Do Karate Club expresses sincere appreciation to our nation’s soldiers and veterans for the comfort of their protection.