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Our club philosophy:

"Tae Kwon Do shall be taught to perpetuate the style and for the love of the art, not solely to make a profit."

In support of this philosophy, our monthly fees are low and there are no contracts and no registration fees. We are dedicated to helping you develop self-confidence throughout your progress while teaching self-defense skills. Our focus is on the student.

The TKDKC is built around a true family and team atmosphere, where everyone is friendly; willing to answer all questions and help each other out.

The TKDKC follows the Tae Kwon Do Ten Commandments and the Five Tenets of Tae Kwon Do in all we teach and do.

Ten Commandments:
  1. Never tire of learning. A good student can learn anywhere, anytime. This is the secret of knowledge.
  2. A good student must be willing to sacrifice for their art and their instructor. Many students feel that their training is a commodity bought with dues, and are unwilling to take part in demonstrations, teaching, and working around the Dojang. An instructor can afford to lose this type of student.
  3. Always set a good example for lower ranking belts. Lower ranks emulate senior students.
  4. Always be loyal to the art of Tae Kwon Do and its teaching methods.
  5. If an instructor teaches a technique, practice it and attempt to utilize it.
  6. Remember that a student's conduct outside the Dojang reflects on the art and instructor.
  7. If a student adopts a technique from another Dojang and the instructor disapproves of it, the student must discard it immediately or train where the technique was learned.
  8. Never be disrespectful to the instructor. Though a student is allowed to disagree, the student should never be disrespectful to a Black belt.
  9. A student should always be eager to learn and ask questions.
  10. Never break a trust.

Tenants of Tae Kwon Do:
Courtesy:Enduring respect for and consideration of self and others. Politeness. Humility.
Integrity:Steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code. Honesty. Loyalty.
Perseverance:To persist in an endeavor or undertaking in spite of opposition or discouragement. Dedication.
Self-Control:The ability of a person to exert their will over the inhibitions, impulses, emotions or desires of their body or self. Patience. Discipline.
Indomitable Spirit:Having the right attitude and maintaining inner strength regardless of winning or losing. Not allowing one’s principles to be broken, defeated, or conquered. Bravery. Courage