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Tae Kwon-Do Karate Club

Choosing an excellent Martial Arts School

    The Tae Kwon-Do Karate Club is the ideal school to choose for the following reasons:

1. High level instructors that inspire, challenge, and promote excellence. Highly affordable for the entire family.

2. Excellent lesson plans that build self confidence and teach world class martial arts the way it was meant to be.

3. Reward system: Learn, earn, and accomplish with proven results

4. A teaching environment which builds confidence to resist distractions and temptations.

5. Monthly tuition that is affordable to a family's budget, which helps support future family requirements, such as college tuition and retirement savings.

6. No annual contracts, as witness to the club's integrity in teaching

7. Reasonable testing fees for earned rank, no additional cost for the certificates

8. Our program fosters discipline and excellent behavior at home.

9. A comprehensive self defense program that builds self esteem, confidence, and ultimately improves all other aspects in the student's life.

10. Each class is conducted by a Master level instructor with 20-30 years of martial arts experience.