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Joining the Tae Kwon Do Karate Club is easy. Stop by any class and tell the instructor that you want to observe or start immediately. Our club enrolls new students year-round. We'll ask you to fill out an application and pay for your 1st month. After that, you can potentially go 4 times a week and experience classes with different instructors in different locations.
There are no Contracts nor additional registration fees. Our weekly classes are $70 a month. Family rates are: $90 for two, and $100 for three or more family members. (There are Special Classes which have separate fees and may also have rank or age limits.)

Here is what you need to know for the first class.
  1. Wear loose clothing.
  2. Bring water.
  3. Talk to the instructor when you arrive for class. Ask for an application.
  4. Complete the application and pay your 1st month's fee.
  5. The instructor will show you where to stand just before the class begins.
  6. The instructor will delegate a blackbelt to teach your first 6 classes.
  7. After the first 6 classes, you will join the rest of the class. More blackbelt help will be provided if you need it.
  8. If you don't understand something, just raise your hand. The instructor will be happy to help.
Studentís line up from highest to lowest belt rank. This allows the less experienced students to learn by example.

Buying a Gi/Uniform There is no need to buy a Gi right away. Make sure you like coming to class first and then tell your instructor that you'd like to purchase a Gi. Giís must be purchased before you can test for your first rank.