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The TKDKC offers Weekly One-hour and Two-hour Classes in Groton, Westford, Tyngsboro, Hollis and Nashua. These are for ages 5 and up. (Weekly Classes cost $60 per month for one family member, $80 for two, and $90 for three or more.) We also offer Advanced classes, which have age restrictions, separate schedules and prices. Talk to your instructor for more details.

All the classes follow the same standard curriculum developed by Master Bastien. This curriculum has been developed, refined and redeveloped for over 35 years. This entire program is based on over 50 years of Master Bastiens martial arts experience, and the hundreds of years of accumulated experience of our instructors and blackbelts.

Weekly Classes:
Groton, MA
Florence Roche
School Gym

342 Main St.
Route 111 & 119
Westford, MA
First Parish
Church United

48 Main Street
Tyngsboro, MA
Innovation Academy

( 1st Floor )
72 Tyng Road
( Park in the left
driveway. Enter via
the side door. )
Hollis, NH
Hollis Brookline
Middle School

25 Main Street
( Route 122 )
Westford, MA
Center Gym

65 Main Street
Nashua, NH
St. Philip Greek
Orthodox Church

500 West Hollis St.
Master Don Rota
Master Carl Girouard
class photo
Master Susan Peters
Master Lindsey Goranson
Mrs. Tamera Baker
class photo
Regent &
Grand Master
Ron Bastien
class photo
Grand Master
Darrell Stam
class photo
Master Rachel Amato
Master John Amato
class photo
Grand Master
Eileen Bastien
class photo

Each class within the TKDKC is taught by Club Masters or Senior Black Belts supported by other Black Belts. Each Instructor uses the same standard curriculum, and teaches utilizing their TKDKC experience, and the experience of additional Black Belts as the weekly teaching tools for their class. The Weekly Class Structure consists of a two hour class divided into six separate sections. These class sections include hand techniques, stretching, foot techniques, katas, one steps, self-defense and sparring.

Advanced Classes:
The Tae Kwon Do Karate Club offers special classes typically on Monday evenings 6:45-8:45 at St. Philip Greek Orthodox Church, 550 West Hollis Street, Nashua, NH. These classes cover a wide range of specialty programs. These are rank specific, and require an extra fee to cover the costs of class space and insurance. Each special class has its own specifically designed class program. These classes include: Special Kata Clinics, Weapons Classes, Self Defense Classes, Masters Work Shops, and our Annual Invitational Non-Contact Tournament.

Weapons classes include: Tai Chi Sword, Bokken Sword, Butterfly Swords Chinese Fan, Bo staff, Three foot stick, Sai Swords, Arnis, Cane, Tonfa and Escrima stick.